Winter is come

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Drifts of snow have lined the street and have melted away. The air has been chilled, exposing breath, hiding skin. We have gone from shorts and t shirts, wasps and moths to eagles and juncos, coats and boots. Ice has formed thick on roofs and cars. Thick clothes were cleaned and now need cleaning once more. Intricate flakes haved drifted languidly to earth, gathering together to hide the colors of the earth, gathering all the colors of the spectrum together to fill the land with white beauty.

Summer has passed and with it the lazy hot afternoons. Fall came and the trees changed colors while the animals gathered food. Spring awaits, new life even now buries itself in ground or hollow to re-emerge once the sun decides to stick around just a little longer. Orion has passed by bright overhead, the master of the sky, his slow journey across the heavens portending the season and giving delight to those who are lost in body or soul. The Great Bear now sits above, holding court over the season’s change.

All this in the waning light of fall. All this has been an anticipation of descent. Each day has less and less, each night more and more. The dark rules the light, but the light is not overcome.

For the journey now renews, declining vigor is restored. Winter has come, it has come in this moment, in the wee hours of the longest night.

The solstice is come, where the earth is closest to the sun, yet the sun is least seen. Until right now. Right now the sun shines to the south, as far south as it will ever shine, it has reached its limit and so now shall rise north.

We celebrate the journey of the sun in this moment which is part of the song of the seasons, the vital rhythm of our souls that even in this technological bubble still resonates if we pause and let our spirits speak.

All of humanity has seen this moment as a cause for such a pause. We wait, we watch, we anticipate with concern and hope with faith that God will again restore the earth to light, and restore our souls to light, and restore our lives to the fullness of day.

The season of cold has come. Winter has arrived at this very minute. It is 4:42 am. The dawn is distant and the sun is distant, the day is short and the night is long. Give glory to God for all things are renewed and are being renewed. Give thanks to the great Giving God, and to the Spirit who arranges the song of creation. May we dance today in the divine rhythms and sing along with the voices of the cosmos. The sun has gone and the sun comes again. Maranantha.

Have a joyous solstice.

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