History in the Making?

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“I want to repeat my willingness to assume as a fundamental commitment working to reconstitute the full and visible unity of all the followers of Christ, with all my energy,” he said to applause from the estimated 200,000 people at the Mass.

Words aren’t enough, he said, adding that “concrete gestures” were needed even from ordinary Catholics to reach out toward the Orthodox.

“I also ask all of you to decisively take the path of spiritual ecumenism, which in prayer will open the door to the Holy Spirit who alone can create unity,” he said.

Will Benedict truly symbolize the humility that a leader of Christians must possess? The rift comes partly through theology, but mostly through pride of power, something that has become entrenched over the last 1000 years, as one Christian wants to rule them all. This isn’t just an issue with the Catholic Church, even the smallest Baptist Church has this sin, where one person wants power and the others invest in him the authority by turning over their being.

This may be a curious time to be a Christian, if the unity is truly based on a work of the Holy Spirit who brings unity out of diversity, rather than a work of humanity which tends to force an apparent unity through conformity.

It is said that Benedict did not want to be Pope. That is the best kind of Bishop to have, methinks. Maybe Benedict is a successor to Gregory I, rather than John Paul II. This is worth a prayer, as Christian unity is not only a fine idea, it’s really a Scriptural mandate.

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  1. spider Says:

    Interesting times, these. This could be fun.