I might as well confess…

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I spent a couple of years in denial, thinking I could get away from it. I came up to the mountains, and in doing that got away from the regular temptation. My old roommate, you see, had no qualms about such things and eagerly indulged (still does I think).

I’ve not met many but enough to know that I am one of them, and I think it’s time to admit my reality, come to terms with my own nature, and see what happens next.

I have to confess, after about five years, I am again a subscriber to First Things. It was the Rome Diary that got me. My first issue came yesterday. I find the habits of reading are not lost. Begin with the last section, then to the front, filling in the middle over the weeks. It’s like riding a bike.

I’m still not a Catholic. I just act like one.

One Response to “I might as well confess…”

  1. Scaliant Says:

    There’s no shame in that — everybody’s doing it! And $15 for a year’s subscription is hard to beat.