Star Wars

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Saw Revenge of the Sith last night.

Yeah I know… it was a family thing. Plus, I looove being completely ignorant as to all aspects of new movies, blocking out all spoilers, plot secrets, etc. That can only go on so long after a movie has opened. I drove out at seven in the evening, came home at around four in the morning.

My verdict:

It’s a brilliant movie, though not for the reasons that most movies are called brilliant. Lucas has his flaws, which some obsess over and others wallow in cultural disappointment about. He’s not a modern filmmaker. He goes back to an earlier era in which theme and philosophy are the most important aspects. He taps into a really deep spirituality and concepts of spiritual warfare. And in doing this he really makes the movie not worth defending. Either it resonates or not. Personally, I found it resonating and a very fitting movie to bridge the two trilogies.

Oh, and some folks have tried to make Lucas’ movie into some kind of political statement. I’m fairly sensitive to such things and I think that idea is pure rubbish. We can see in this movie what we want to see, sort of how Christians and Buddhists can both draw spiritual meaning from the religious concepts. Though, I did note that the villains were those who accused the religious conservatives of trying to take over the republic, and in their feigned worry over the limited perspective of the good side of the force opened the way to no end of misery. They spoke of so much worry about the defense of democracy they felt it necessary to limit power to a distinct minority. The dark side hides the truth of the situation in a fog, so that right seem wrong and wrong seems right, embracing ‘the answer’ becomes the very cause of the disaster. Maybe there is a political lesson after all… though not the one most would pick out.

That’s not really the point. The point is to draw together the story and thus give a beginning to A New Hope. This is clearly the story that was in Lucas’ head for about thirty years, and finally is revealed for our examination.

I really did think the movie brilliant, and I don’t say that lightly.

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