Feast Day

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Being that I’m not Catholic I don’t tend to keep up with the feast days set aside for honoring all the various “saints”. March 17 and June 9 are worth remembering, honoring two Irish saints, Patrick and Columba.

Today is worth noting as well, for on this day we honor the memory of St. Brendan. He is often called “Brendan the Navigator” because he liked to get in boats and see where the Wind would take him and his companions. He is best known for the little tale called The Voyage of Brendan in which, according to the story, he went West on the great ocean and found curious islands along the way, possibly even finding the east coast of the United States. Given this was a 6th century voyage, it would make him the first European to see these shores.

The story itself is very interesting and worth a read, combining both spiritual insight and fantastic events. Think C.S. Lewis’ Voyage of the Dawn Treader. For those who are making their own voyage through emptiness and fog for a hoped for landing in the place of peace this is an especially encouraging read.

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