morning and evening is back — kind of

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When I made the move to the new host my occasional blog Morning and Evening, which served more as a place for my personal journaling, didn’t quite make it. I got the content, but somehow lost all the admin stuff, meaning I couldn’t update it or do anything with it. When it was spammed I had to take it down because I had no control.

But, now I’m thinking I need something like it again. That journaling with Barclay Press was helpful and it spurred me to think about making that a bit more regular.

So, I took the content of morning and evening and started a new blog, once that better reflects my goals and thoughts. It’s called Learning to Dance.

Present Matters is going to make a similar transition soon as well, though I might just start a new blog and leave this as the ‘old blog’. Part of the reason why I haven’t been blogging much of late is because I feel like my initial goals with this blog have changed so much, not least because my interests have changed a lot. What was once terribly interesting is now boring. What has become interesting I haven’t gotten into the habit of writing about.

So, I need a bit of a change. For me at least. It’s a change that’s a long time in coming. Keep watching. I’m going to start writing a lot more again real soon.

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