St. Paddys Day

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Yesterday I spent the day at a Celtic Spirituality Retreat. It was a fine day of Celtic prayers, and whatnot, at a retreat center in what may be one of the more particularly nice sections of the LA area, Rancho Palos Verdes.

The setting was really beautiful. The day was really renewing and peaceful.

Though, the presence of this sign suggests it may not have been the most appropriate place for a St. Patrick’s day gathering.

Beware of Snakes

Though as I didn’t see one, maybe we drove them off.

The pic, by the by, was taken by my new cell phone, in case you are wondering.

2 Responses to “St. Paddys Day”

  1. Wren Says:

    Now THAT’S funny!

    Your cell phone takes great pics. Nicer than my brother’s.

  2. Pop Says:

    More impressive use of your new cell phone, of course, would have been a shot of a striking rattler. Maybe next time, . . please.