Exodus 36-38

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Repetition. First we had the command by God to do the work. Now we have the work being done. The repetition isn’t all that interesting to read, but it’s very important because it is relating to us that the people, finally, did what God commanded. Exactly. They followed his plan to the letter.

Course, this sort of thing really helps when those who are in charge are filled with the Spirit of the Lord, the ruach elohim. The Spirit knows God, obviously.

Another thing comes to mind. Notice who we don’t hear a lot about in these chapters. Notice who is mentioned as the teachers and leaders. Moses is not the featured player. Moses who has the mantle of leadership, who is God’s chosen man, who is the one who hangs out with God and talks with him “as a friend” is not the one who is responsible. He was responsible for the telling. Bezalel and Oholiab are responsible for the doing. The Spirit of the Lord came upon them for this work, and if Moses had thought himself the leader in it he would have been in opposition to God.

Makes me think of a number of churches I’ve been a part of, where the leadership thought that because of the nature of their position they were also supposed to be in charge of everything, and couldn’t let go of the work enough to involve others. Moses knew God. And he knew that this work wasn’t his work to do. And so it was done right because he didn’t do it and didn’t butt in on it.

I think this lesson applies to more than just topics of craftsmanship.

I wonder also if this stepping back by Moses to led the Spirit work in those chosen for the work was why we have 36:4-7.

Too much was being given. So much that Moses had to tell the people to stop giving.

Such is the work when the Holy Spirit is in charge, and given freedom to work in freedom.

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