Exodus 25-27

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Maybe I have a question.

Why so exact? Why did God need to specify what he wanted to such precision?

As I wrote that a possible answer occurred to me. We love serving God. We want to do all sorts of things for him, and offer him the most majestic honors we can think of. But how do you give a gift to someone you don’t know? One way is to buy them something you would like, or others like that person would like. The Israelites had plenty of models. They saw what the Egyptian gods preferred, and that was their picture of what a god would want.

Only God isn’t one of those gods. His interests are different, and in all ways he wants to be distinct. From this perspective this is a wish list of sorts, a way to guide the people in their desire to give so that they give what God wants. He doesn’t want people to offer him any old thing and be happy they gave. He wants order. He wants people to listen. He wants a particular decor that from top to bottom speaks theologically of God’s character.

I’ve heard some say that this tabernacle is a reflection of the Throne room, so that there is a mirror on earth. Which is why it needed to be exact.

Instructions abound through the Bible. And to be honest these here are some of the most comforting. They don’t allow room to think. A person just follows the plan. Later on the instructions get more vague — love your neighbor. Help the poor. Edify those in the Body.

Unfortunately, the church has taken these vague commands and made their own versions of specifics, calling it tradition or church order or some other such thing. All because having a list like this here in Genesis seems tedious, but in reality its very comforting. Knowing exactly what God wants, from his own mouth, makes for easy agreement. But, it doesn’t exactly reveal a close relationship.

That comes later.

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