Exodus 7-9

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Here we go.

Now the action starts. All the set up is done.

Let the plagues begin.

Funny thing about these chapters. Nothing particular stuck out to me. Maybe it’s because these are the chapters we all know and love. They are what we think of when we think of Moses. They are taught in sunday school and so are quite familiar.

The scary thing, of course, is Pharaoh’s situation in this. It’s weird because there’s an odd interplay between who exactly is doing the hardening of his heart. It’s him. It’s also God. God in a way commits him to disobedience. But, my suspicion is this almost entirely a matter of God pushing Pharaoh to the extent of his own already existent disobedience. He is going to break his will, and lets him not only be stubborn, but increases the stubbornness to a greater degree.

This is a curious thing really because I wonder if God still does this. I wonder if he still commits people to their tendencies, and hardens their hearts so that they will be broken even more by his glory.

Also worth noting is the magicians. Magicians are clearly capable people. They match Moses along the way. They too can do miracles. They too can do things that give the appearance their gods are in control. They have a significant amount of power.

To a limit. Moses blows away that limit. The magicians couldn’t match that gnats.

Through these plagues God was not only competing with the magicians, he was showing his power over all the various gods. The Hebrews were a weak people so must have a weak god. The Egyptians were a powerful people so must have powerful gods. God showed this to be a mistaken assumption by facing down those gods in their exact places of supposed superiority.

Like in the beginning of Genesis, God here is shown not only to be a god among gods, but God above all.

In the process we’re also seeing Moses become a man. Sure, now that he’s eighty it seems about time, but that’s how God works, and as he works through Moses, we see Moses becoming more and more of who is is supposed to be.

It’s nice to see the good guys winning finally.

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