Genesis 46-47

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Resolution. That’s the theme of these chapters. All the chaos, all the problems, all the frustration find a strong measure of peace and resolution.

These are chapters of quiet, almost exhausted, joy. Profound joy.

Personally, I like reading chapters like these.

A few things stood out to me.

The first is how much Jacob is still a new man. I have emphasized Joseph throughout these chapters, but I am now seeing how much Jacob too must have been tested. I’m just now reminded of Abraham and Isaac. Abraham was told to sacrifice Isaac for God, but then didn’t have to. Jacob was given the gift of Joseph, and then ended up having him sacrificed. Not killed, but certainly taken from his life. He felt the loss Abraham avoided. There’s something powerful in that, in which the sacrifice made, the suffering it caused, and now the restoration of what was considered loss are tied together within the saving covenant of God’s active work in bringing life to the world. Jacob suffered in a different way than Joseph did, but he still suffered. And in that suffering it seems he along with Joseph maintained his faith, and grew up from his deceitful youth.

This verse I sat on for a while: “As soon as Joseph appeared before him, he threw his arms around his father and wept for a long time.”


Another verse which stood out to me was in the conversation Joseph had with his brothers about their move to Egypt. He told them to say they are shepherds. Saying this would get them a reason to be settled in what I guess was a more rural part. Why?

Because shepherds are detestable to Egyptians. That’s a verse, isn’t it? Especially when we are saved by the Good Shepherd, and shepherd imagery runs all through the New Testament.

Shepherds are detestable to Egyptians.

That’s something to keep in mind.

I also love the conversation with Jacob and Pharaoh. The most worldly powerful man meets the most called by God man in the world. Jacob answers about his age, then in a wonderful move Jacob blesses Pharaoh. What a wonderful interaction.

Finally, I took notice of 47:21. “Joseph reduced the people to servitude from one end of Egypt to another.”

I don’t know why this is interesting, but it strikes me for some reason and I feel there’s something to consider in that.

There you go. My noticings of the day.

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