Bees and bombs

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Scientists have trained bees to sniff out explosives.

In the future, I’m sure, there will be specially trained police officers in their beehive cars.

“We have a situation here, possible explosives. We need the B Unit!”

Not noted in the article was one of the intrepid bees who underwent the training.

His name is Eric.


A one… two…. A one.. two.. three..four…

[piano intro]

Half a bee, philosophically, must, ipso facto, half not be.

But half the bee
has got to be,
vis a vis
its entity – do you see?

But can a bee
be said to be
or not to be
an entire bee
when half the bee
is not a bee
due to some ancient injury?


La dee dee, 1 2 3,
Eric the half a bee.
A B C D E F G,
Eric the half a bee.

Is this retched demi-bee,
half asleep upon my knee,
some freak from a menagerie?
No! It’s Eric the half a bee.

Fiddle dee dum,
Fiddle dee dee,
Eric the half bee.

Ho ho ho,
Tee hee hee,
Eric the half a bee.

3 Responses to “Bees and bombs”

  1. sonja Says:

    For some reason your RSS feed hasn’t been chugging out to my Bloglines … so I just saw this bit o’silliness 😉 Sweet! Pun … intended.

  2. Wren Says:

    Ha! It’s funny, because I just put this up on my Writer’s Cafe page:

  3. Patrick Says:

    “For some reason your RSS feed hasn’t been chugging out to my Bloglines”
    I haven’t done anything, so I don’t know why this would be — though in recent weeks I’ve been having all sorts of peculiar problems with my webhost, including email and database issues. I’ll bet that has something to do with it.

    Maybe I should upgrade my WP install too.