waiting in fairyland

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The other day I took the dog to his groomers. Up here this means a trip to a rather magical place, seemingly out of a storybook land or fable from long ago. Those who stay near must realize this as they’ve highlighted the qualities, making waiting for my dog to be washed and trimmed a welcomed hour.

Pictures from fifteen feet away from the groomer’s front door, where large butterflies fill the trees One can almost, but not quite, hear a pan flute being played by a mischievous dryad and almost, but not quite, hear the laughter of wee fairies hiding behind the larger leaves, waiting for dusk to fall and for their dance to begin.

fairy groomer
fairy groomer
the bookstore of fairy land
fairy groomer

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  1. marie Says:

    This is the home of a very special bookstore called Cabin Fever; and a dear friend, Tami Edwards, oversees
    all of the treasures within. Also Puppy Love makes its home in this magic-like place! Thank you for a glimpse of this sweet wonderland. I miss it very much!