Politics curiously defined

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So, I’ve developed a bad habit these last couple of weeks. My surge of political commentary has subsided, but my interest has not as much. I write for a bit, then take little breaks. JK Rowling says she uses such breaks to play minesweeper. I’m more of a freecell guy when it comes to microsoft games, but even that has been pushed aside as I float amidst the rising currents of the blogosphere.

Now, what follows is a rampant generalization, based solely on my experiences without any sort of scientific analysis. That being said… left wing bloggers or comments on blogs tend to cuss a lot more and be a lot more vulgar than right wing blogs. If there is a swear word I can almost guarantee what will follow will be some purported support of John Kerry. I don’t mean this as some kind of slam or attack. I have simply noted this as being curious.

Right leaning thinkers have their foibles, and just as easy will attack or obfuscate depending on the issue. But they don’t cuss. And while they may be wrong, it’s usual a logical or perspective problem they suggest.. while the left leaning writers tend more towards personal attack and dismissal.

Obviously, I have my own defined views on politics, so maybe I’m simply making an error myself. I’m just saying, you know…

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