Santa Rosa Island

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Went to Santa Rosa Island and took some pictures.

Santa Rosa Island

A lot of pictures. Some on the beach, some in the hills, some in the forest, some in camp, some by a stream, some of birds, some of deer, some of the ocean, some under the ocean.

Santa Rosa has a quality to it that I felt more than noticed on a previous trip by it on the way to San Miguel. There is a mystical air, something deep and spiritual. So I was curious to land on it and see what this was, if indeed there was anything.

There were moments I tasted of this, but not too strong. However, on the last day I realized my reaction. Santa Rosa has been a cattle farm for more than 150 years. It is, in fact, the last remnant of original Mexican land grants given to wealthy men hundreds of years ago. This land grant passed through hands until it reached a large cattle company which still has rights to the island until 2011.

Have you ever seen an antique desk which someone painted over in a garish blue or green to match the present fashions. Scrape off the layers and there is a beautiful oak underneath. Santa Rosa has been painted over. It has been stamped with cattle operations and all other sorts of human presence so that it isn’t quite reflecting its full character. Wait five years more and it’ll be more clear. Wait another fifty and we’ll be able to see the island for what it should be. The wonderful thing is that unlike many other natural wonders this island is indeed on its way to recovery. It has moments of mysticism still left in it.

And it certainly was a wonderful trip, a very interesting place to visit, and a welcomed balm for my soul. Plus, I can say I have visited all the Channel Islands, and now can revisit them each for their own particular gifts and personality.

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