On ignoring the huge gray animal with the long inquisitive nose that’s taking up a lot a lot of space around my desk

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You may have happened to notice there’s a bit of activity going on in the wider world, namely in the region whose initials sound like the award given to well appreciated television shows.

You may also have noticed I haven’t mentioned it, something that relegates me for the most part to contemporary commentary irrelevance. That’s not altogether bad, except for the fact the name of this blog is Present Matters, because we’re people of the future, and people of the past, but also living in the present and that matters. At least that’s about how a tagline from an earlier version of this page put it.

So, it’s a little silly to say the Present matters but not discuss what seems to matter in this present of ours. That’s right. This one. No, this one. Ah, this one. I could keep going I guess only that’s the tricky thing about the present, it’s only here for like a second and then it moves on.

But that ephemeral reality isn’t why I haven’t been talking about it. It’s something else.

This world is a big place, which seems particularly small what with television, and the internet, and email, and spam, and the United Nations, and supersonic travel, and cell phones, and satellite radio, and the World Cup, and Hollywood, and such forth. The only problem is the human soul and psyche isn’t any bigger. It has the same capacity only now there’s so much more input. Unlike Johnny 5 the reality is a human can only absorb so much input (five points and 10% off all merchandise in the Dualravens.com supermart for those who get that aged reference).

We get more input than our capacity and things get left out, or dismissed, or washed over, or otherwise unattended. We feel emotions and worry about that which we have no capacity to control, and that which, for the most part, we have no connection with besides our addicted need to be utterly informed.

There are a lot of real and substantive problems in this world, too many for one soul, too much for even those who have no other choice but to be absorbed by particular problems. Life is an all you can eat problem buffet. Our plates are only so large but we can in fact fill them up with a hearty selection, a little of this, some of that.

I’m paying attention only I find that when I get to the point of paying so much attention that I feel a need to leave my judgment on the matter on this page I am driving out some other important consideration which is a lot more relevant to my actual life. That I’m already feeling the increased web hopping tendencies is the case, and I don’t need to encourage it by feeding into my tendency to get quite interested in things which seem incredibly important but for the fact they don’t actually affect my life.

Yes, an argument can be made it all does in some abstract way. Of course, as I do believe everything is in fact related to everything else in a certain way this would mean I need to worry about significantly more than I even know about.

But, I need to not worry about those things at the expense of the things I can and should worry about in my present existence, things which I can get up right now and do something about. I can think about Lebanon, or I can wonder why in the last few days I’ve been both listless and irritable, a reality which in no way measures to the severity of the Middle East, except for the fact that I only have the ability to change my own soul. If each person took that to heart and worked on their own soul instead of blaming others for the state of their discontent then we might in fact have peace in this world.

So, I can seek peace, not in the Middle East where I would guess not a single person cares a whit about my opinion, but in my own life, where those I interact with feel my peace or lack of peace and that resonates into them, which resonates into those who they interact with.

Indeed, getting so caught up in politics or war or all the stupid things stupid people do stupidly at every moment can rob me of that which I would otherwise hold onto, giving me false emotions that have little to do with anything in my life but are instead a sort of emotional pornography that sparks my needing constant information titillation.

With this I begin to always dwell where I don’t matter and completely lose touch with where I do matter. I gain opinions and strategies for events I do not influence while ignoring the sphere I do influence. No, my problems are not as bad as those in the wider world. But the wider world is not the problem I am called to contend with.

I have no soul to control other than my own. Nothing has control over my soul except for me. And so when I wander away from it, I lose precious time. I lose precious moments of personal progress, which may or may not someday put me into a position where I would have wisdom in things which do practically matter to the wider world.

I can only do what I can do, and I should invest my worries and emotions and thoughts and judgments in those areas I am called to invest into.

So, that’s why I haven’t been bringing it up, and likely won’t bring up the various politics or events or opinions that relate. In this world of overwhelming input and information it becomes incredibly difficult to stay aware of the limits of my emotions and concerns, keeping them to that which matters, rather than that which is merely a fact of our global present.

As far as what I think on the whole matter, well… I think Wyatt Earp was in fact a good guy, despite his personal foibles.

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