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So, I’m thinking of changing some of the looks around here., frankly, is a mess. When I started I was borrowing some webspace, didn’t know one thing about web design, and had Microsoft Frontpage as my only way of getting things online. Well times have changed. I now know possibly three or four things and have rather better programs on my computer. But, as this site has grown in my experimentation, I haven’t been very good about keeping things standard. I’ve learned that such things really have to start from the ground up. It’s a good deal of work to get everything the same, and a good deal of work when I don’t have any real reason to do it other than my own personal interest. So some things around here are better, some are worse, a lot could use some tidying up, and even major changes.

I’m thinking about that sort of stuff and spent a bit of time thinking about a new front page. Which is funny, because my front page really isn’t one of the sections that needs a lot of work. Anyway, I did a bit of work on it, and am thinking of switching over but I’m not sure it’s a step up. So have a look at the present front page, and the possible new front page. Let me know what you think if you have an opinion one way or another. I’ve already two nay votes, so it’s not looking good for this change.

4 Responses to “new look”

  1. zippy the troll Says:

    maybe it’s just my predisposition to contrariness (contrarity?), but i like the new one.

  2. C. Wess Daniels Says:

    Hey Patrick, I like the new idea – and I personally love spring cleaning! A little change is good. Hope you’re doing well.

  3. sonja Says:

    As they say … three’s the charm! I like the new one too. But, really, in the end it doesn’t matter how many of us like it, whether or not you like it is what matters most.

  4. Patrick Says:

    Three is the charm. Thanks for the votes. Sonja, what you said is true of course, only I don’t quite know where I stand. The present one, which may not be the present one for much longer, has a quality to it I like. It’s a little darker, which may or may not be better. It’s a little more artistic, which adds a nice texture.

    The new one has the benefit of being brighter. I also like it because those are ravens I actually know. I took their pictures from my house, and while I don’t know their names, I rather suspect they might know mine. There’s something nice about having the local ravens represented.

    One complaint I got was about the buttons. A couple of people didn’t really care for how I did the buttons on the new one. The old one has better buttons I think… though I am undecided on whether I like the pictures that go with the new buttons. Connecting a screenshot to each is something that makes me smile a bit.

    So, my guess is that in the next week or so I’ll make a choice. I’m not sure a lot of people even visit that page, but even still, like Wess said sometimes a little change is good. You never know what that little change might inspire next.