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A bald eagle has been born on Santa Cruz island.

Now me and about three or four other people I know might be the only ones to find this not only interesting but excellent news.

One, because seeing a bald eagle while camping out on the islands would be a great thing. Two, because bald eagles eat fish. That doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it is. Golden eagles, you see, eat small woodland creatures and other birds. The California channel islands are filled with animals that exist no where else on earth, their isolation making them into unique species, though that’s not something a golden eagle is concerned about. So, they eat foxes and other such animals which are quite possibly going to be extinct soon. Bald eagles eat mostly fish, but are bigger than golden eagles. So, they chase off the golden eagles as being a bother, and the golden eagles go back to the mainland where there’s plenty of non-endangered woodland creatures to be found.

Everyone is happy. Especially the bald eagle who gets a nice island and plenty of tasty fishes, and the channel island fox, who doesn’t get eaten. Plus eagles recovering out there mean there’s a growing population, hopefully, all throughout the state.

Patriotic fervor rises.

2 Responses to “Excellent News”

  1. zippy the troll Says:

    perfectly wonderful news. i think we should plan a visit to the new arrival.

  2. Patrick Says:

    Indeed, we really should.