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For whatever reason I became outwardly introspective. Or inwardly outrospective. Or whatever way one might describe the awareness of one’s own extroverted awareness. No? How about this? I just, for whatever reason, began to really think about how someone who doesn’t know me might know me if only by looking at this blog, or this site in general.

I’m wondering if in fact I am that person I’m presenting, or if I’m not that person I’m presenting. There’s a conflict, you see, because in looking at the posts recently (like for the last year, though I didn’t look at any others besides the last four or five) I’m thinking someone might not really know me even though my blog is telling people a lot about myself. Or maybe the problem is I don’t really know me, and my blog is the spot on representation, and I’m really that person someone who doesn’t know me thinks I am, and not the person I think I am but not representing well here on Present Matters.

Is a blog supposed to tell the world of one’s soul? Does it? Can it? Or is it an expression of what one like’s to write about, even if and assuming this doesn’t incorporate the totality of one’s own reality.

I’m thinking by analyzing my extroverted introversion here I’m saying a lot about myself by analyzing what I’m saying about myself. Which is a silly loop really.

All this to say, I think I’m funnier in person. And less apt to talk about birds.

But maybe I’m wrong about that.

I do know that Monday morning internet existential crises bode poorly for the rest of the week.

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