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From Jürgen Moltmann:

The all-important thing is to seek harmony with God afresh every morning, and to hold on to it a whole life long. It is in this harmony that the truth of a human life is to be found. But people who sanctify their lives in this way come up against the ethics of the society in which they live, for God’s will is more important to them than the demands and exactions of the people who have the power.

Harmony with God means confronting and confuting a world which runs counter to God and itself. For Christians, sanctification means the discipleship of Jesus and an inwards coming alive in God’s Spirit. The Beatitudes and the requirements of the Sermon on the Mount are orientation points for a life in sanctification. These are not arbitrary stipulations. Life in sanctification has to do with a kind of simultaneity with Christ, and this fellowship with Christ has to do with realizing the image of God from our own human side.

Harmony with God is called sanctification. Harmony with ourselves as God’s image and his children is called happiness. In this sense sanctification leads to true self-realization. People who are in harmony with God and themselves are holy and happy. They seek harmony with other people too, as God’s image and children, and harmony with everything living which God has created and in which his Spirit is present. Trust in God, respect for our own lives and the lives of others, as well as reverence for everything living, in which God is present: these are the things which characterize and determine the sanctification of life.

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