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Of the Shaping of Things to Come.

I have long ago realized books which impact other people don’t impact me, and that which I love others don’t quite find as valuable. So, this review is certainly just my perspective and I’m not giving it any sort of grade. Who am I? A nobody really, which is freeing in its way.

One can argue my status should preclude my judgment, given their achievements. However as they too dismiss many entirely more faithful and productive people in history in certain ways I don’t feel too bothered by trying to latch back onto those who they dismiss, even as our goals to move the church forward are the same.

I also should note that I value almost all their conclusions, and agree with their core points in many places. But how they approach those points, how they work out these conclusions has a lot of frustration for me, as it smells of much of what I rejected about ministry stuff a number of years ago.

It’s their methodology that bothers me, and their underlying assumptions. Indeed, I know this review can’t do justice to the book and so I make a lot of declarations without dialogue. That is a weakness of the format and the length limits, which I far passed anyhow.

All this being said, I am glad I read this book, even if ultimately there wasn’t anything particularly new for me, and it raised a lot of warning signals in my head. It’s good to know how people are approaching things, and to learn that maybe, just maybe I do in fact have something to offer to the conversation by coming from a different perspective than the usual Leadership model folks.

So there you go.

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