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Present Matters has been a great little place for me, but I feel like I’ve moved on from it’s original purpose. Plus, I’m trying in general to reorganize DualRavens into something a bit less Winchester House. I’m not ready to close the doors here quite yet, but I will start doing a little more writing at my newest blog. Wander over to the Ravens. It’ll be my primary place for talking about most stuff. Plus, I’m trying out a look, but it’s not quite done and I’d love to hear how it works for folks.

morning and evening is back — kind of

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When I made the move to the new host my occasional blog Morning and Evening, which served more as a place for my personal journaling, didn’t quite make it. I got the content, but somehow lost all the admin stuff, meaning I couldn’t update it or do anything with it. When it was spammed I had to take it down because I had no control.

But, now I’m thinking I need something like it again. That journaling with Barclay Press was helpful and it spurred me to think about making that a bit more regular.

So, I took the content of morning and evening and started a new blog, once that better reflects my goals and thoughts. It’s called Learning to Dance.

Present Matters is going to make a similar transition soon as well, though I might just start a new blog and leave this as the ‘old blog’. Part of the reason why I haven’t been blogging much of late is because I feel like my initial goals with this blog have changed so much, not least because my interests have changed a lot. What was once terribly interesting is now boring. What has become interesting I haven’t gotten into the habit of writing about.

So, I need a bit of a change. For me at least. It’s a change that’s a long time in coming. Keep watching. I’m going to start writing a lot more again real soon.

Jesus as a Storyteller

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A couple weeks ago I spent the day up in Santa Barbara with a friend. We had a nice day of it, lunch on the beach, visit to the natural history museum (where I spent a good bit of time twenty years ago), and wandering about the Mission. The point of the trip, however, was in the evening. We are both Wheaton College alumni and we joined other alumni at a Wheaton Club event, with the featured speaker Dr. Gary Burge, professor of New Testament at Wheaton. I had him about ten years ago or so for a brief class, only eight weeks long. But it was one of those classes that provide a sure foundation for later study. My time in seminary went wonderfully smooth academically in large part due to his teaching on New Testament Criticism. He was a masterful teacher then. And now.

This is what he talked about:

Jesus as Middle Eastern Story-Teller and Theologian

Jesus Christ was a master storyteller. His parables and metaphors swept up his audience and surprised them with themes they never before expected. Jesus’ stories gained power through his use of humor, surprise, irony and poetry, which were all based on the culture of first-century Palestine. Dr. Burge will bring to life Jesus’ teachings in their original context, helping us to hear like first-century listeners.

Here’s what he said, bout an hour long:

the goings on

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Been quiet here. No real reason. The calm before the storm? Quite possibly.

I haven’t been neglecting writing. This is the project of my past week, an interaction between Jurgen Moltmann and the Emerging Church.