New Testament Nerd Test

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Here’s a little test… if you click on the following link and have a strong urge to order the thing, with even the very thought of its existence filling your heart with strange glee then you are a New Testament Nerd.

Hmmm…. fifteen dollars is reasonable. But Westcott and Hort? Can I listen to it with proper reverence if I know I’m not getting the most accurate and up to date text? And so on and so forth…

And yes… I have a strong urge and glee.

Thought for the Day

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If we do not know what we are like when God makes us, we shall not realize what sin has turned us into.

–Gregory of Sinai

A good jog

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On a purely personal note, I found my first geocache today. It is near a road so can be a rather easy find… unless one decides to jog on the bottom of one side of the hill, go over, find the cache, and then jog back, making for a three mile jaunt through the forest.

It was a great trek and might become a regular route for me.

On the way back a raven landed in a tree over my head and stared at me.

There was something in its beak. I’m somewhat sure it was half a bagel.

Curious that… I wonder if it was saying thank you.

Worth a visit

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The image is iconographic: St. George sits astride his horse, slaying the dragon. Yet, somewhat surprisingly to some viewers, it is painted in bright fuchsia pinks and baby blue pastels. Though they are contrasting colors one might expect from turn-of-the-last-century European painters in experimental salons, the work is born of a 1,500-year-old Ethiopian tradition and was made within the last 25 years.

The LA Times features an Ethiopian artist who finds new inspiration in old styles. If you’re in the UCLA area, this seems worth a visit. I particularly appreciate how a new approach can incorporate a positive spirituality rather than the oppressive negativity that much contemporary art seems to embrace.

Good clean fun…

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Just watched the trailer to the upcoming Chronicles of Narnia movie.


What was it about mid-20th century British academics which made them into the premier story-tellers of this era of history? That is a question worth pondering, methinks.

I was pleased to learn that Lewis’ step-son, Douglas Gresham, was intimatedly involved in the production… keeping a firm hold, and making sure the movie was faithful to Lewis’ imagination and goals, goals which were terrribly (wonderfully?) evangelical in many ways.


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News from 2.2 billion years ago this morning… a new black hole.

Well, an old black hole, umm… a black hole new to us but which is now really, really old so not new at all, except to us. It just happened… 2.2 billion years ago. But we just now saw it this morning which means that, to us, it’s new, even though it’s not new whatsoever in the larger scheme of things. Unless of course all time is centered around our observation and thus it really is new, even if it didn’t happen recently, because we were the first ones to see it and make it real.

So, there’s a new, even though old, black hole with a low-mass. A relatively low-mass considering how really heavy it has to be to begin with in order to make it into a black hole. So, low mass in comparison that is… with other black holes I imagine, some of which are old and old, as well as being high mass all around both absolutely and relatively. This one is new and low-mass, even though really it’s quite old and very heavy.

But because it’s a black hole, not a wow-that’s-bright hole, the scientists can’t even see the new, yet old, low-mass, but heavy, black hole they saw this morning. All they can see are the light and bursts of energy that goes on around it, kind of like Christmas lights when the rest of the house is dark. This isn’t to say that they celebrate Christmas at this black hole because it was formed 2.2 billion years ago and that’s so long before the traditional date of Jesus’ birth that it’s silly to even suggest a thing, even if 2000 years after his birth this black hole is brand new.

Store Wars

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Grocery Store Wars

“Obi-Wan Cannoli” — you can’t beat that. Good fun… even if I lean towards the dark side of the farm myself.

One way of looking at it…

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The Bible… in legos.

Thought for the Day

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It is not only passion-charged thoughts that sully the heart and defile the soul. To be elated about one’s many achievements, to be puffed up about one’s virtue, to have a high idea of one’s wisdom and spiritual knowledge, and to criticize those who are lazy and negligent – all this has the same effect, as is clear from the parable of the Publican and the Pharisee.

—Nikitas Stithatos

Water Sports

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Some pictures of recent water related activities.