Thought for the day

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Those who open themselves to the summons of God’s rule, who accept its imminence and thus receive present salvation, must also let themselves be drawn into the movement of the love of God as it aims beyond individual recipients to the world as a whole. We can have fellowship with God and his dominion only as we share in the movement of his love.

–Wolfhart Pannenberg

New ways and old ways

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In ancient Celtic and Norse societies bards were often considered higher than kings. They spoke with authority and understanding about politics, society, and religion. As such they were treated with much honor and consulted about matters of importance. Plus, they sang songs, told stories, and generally provided entertainment for the People. It would be like if our Supreme Court also put on a nightly musical.

Paul Wolfowitz has been unanimously approved to head the World Bank today. He is, to say the least, not the most beloved person in many circles. But, he is a man with experience who believes that the poor in this world should be helped. It’s primarily his methods and strategy for going about this which are debated. He understands he will be working with a broader range of voices than his previous position in the Bush White House. So, who is one of the first people he makes sure to talk with about global poverty? Bono… the Irish lead singer of the rather successful band U2. Not only does he reach the MTV crowd… he’s particulary knowledgeable about global issues relating to poverty.

Who said bards have lost their influence in this world?

I’m back

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My few days at Joshua tree are over and now I’m back. It was a tremendous time, filled with desert beauty and constant activity. I’ve scratches all over my arms and legs from bouldering and walking through brush… but it’s worth it. The night sky over Joshua Tree alone is worth the trip. We hiked the four trails which left from near our campsite at Indian Cove. Though… only two were really ‘trails’. The other two were mostly large boulders and rocks strewn about leading through the Wonderland of Rocks. And yes… it was a wonderland.

OH! I took some pictures of Joshua Tree. If you don’t like rocks you might find these pics a wee bit boring.

History and our governor

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Kevin Starr, who knows a thing or two about California history, wrote a really interesting piece on Governor Schwarzenegger recently. I really enjoy when an expert fits the present events into the broader story of what is going on.

Now Schwarzenegger wants to become a champion governor.

Apparently, Arnold has a few models he is following from our state’s past. I’m still glad I voted for him.

Just in case…

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You were wanting to get a hold of me, or talk with me, or are frustrated by my lack of immediate response… I’m going to be out and about for the next few days.

If you can get past the traffic, the crabby people, and the cost of gasoline these days… Southern California really is a nifty place to live. But don’t tell anyone that… we want to keep our natural wonders a secret.

Thought for the day

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If while engaged in spiritual work you see a light or a fire outside you, or a form supposedly of Christ or of an angel or of someone else, reject it lest you suffer harm. And do not pay court to images, lest you allow them to stamp themselves on your intellect. For all these things that externally and inopportunely assume various guises do so in order to delude your soul.

—Gregory of Sinai

This is one of those which might be easy to dismiss in our era… except it’s still so totally true in its exhortation. We just have different sorts of ‘lights’, ‘fires’, and ‘images’. Visions and voices, even if spiritually understood, are fine tools of delusion.

Which, of course, is why Scripture is called a canon. It grounds us in reality, giving us a way to measure the movement of the Spirit among us. Apart from Scripture, spiritual things set us adrift in a stormy sea, whose sometimes malevolence we can only barely understand. Even if we are confident about manning the sails and tiller, a good wave can knock us off course or even send us to the bottom.

Keep your wits about you.

Spiritual Life

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And for your liturgical benefit… The Spiritual Life is all about Easter.

Christ has risen. He has risen indeed.

Stations of the Resurrection

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The Stations of the Cross are well known. But, the Stations of the Cross are meaningless apart from the events of Easter morning and the reality of the Risen Christ.

And so, on this morning, Dualravens offers for your meditation The Stations of the Resurrection.

Easter Sunrise

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What was happening in the sky on that first Easter morning? Watch a simulation of the resurrection sunrise.

video games

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Who said video games encourage couch potatoness? This is the best idea I’ve seen in a long time.