Jesus as a Storyteller

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A couple weeks ago I spent the day up in Santa Barbara with a friend. We had a nice day of it, lunch on the beach, visit to the natural history museum (where I spent a good bit of time twenty years ago), and wandering about the Mission. The point of the trip, however, was in the evening. We are both Wheaton College alumni and we joined other alumni at a Wheaton Club event, with the featured speaker Dr. Gary Burge, professor of New Testament at Wheaton. I had him about ten years ago or so for a brief class, only eight weeks long. But it was one of those classes that provide a sure foundation for later study. My time in seminary went wonderfully smooth academically in large part due to his teaching on New Testament Criticism. He was a masterful teacher then. And now.

This is what he talked about:

Jesus as Middle Eastern Story-Teller and Theologian

Jesus Christ was a master storyteller. His parables and metaphors swept up his audience and surprised them with themes they never before expected. Jesus’ stories gained power through his use of humor, surprise, irony and poetry, which were all based on the culture of first-century Palestine. Dr. Burge will bring to life Jesus’ teachings in their original context, helping us to hear like first-century listeners.

Here’s what he said, bout an hour long:

Holy Week

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If you haven’t already passed through it, this is a fine week to wander about my version of the Stations of the Cross I put together about four years ago.

looking outside

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It snowed this past week. Icicles formed on the pine outside the living room window.

Icicles on a pine


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It’s 4:22 PST. The sun is now directly over the tropic of Capricorn.

Have a very merry Winter.

Winter gallery

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I kept saying to myself, “I should post that” with each picture I looked at. So, rather than filling this page with assorted snowy pictures, I figured I’ll just add a gallery.

So, for winter scenes wander on over to the brand new Dualravens Winter Gallery.

snow day

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It’s a rare day that the snow really sticks to the ground after a storm, and even more rare it does so while the sun is out and the sky is blue. So, I took advantage and wandered around with my camera, taking a good many pictures that might justify a new gallery.

Of course, there’s a theme going on at this site, and I’m under obligation to post this picture now:


icicles at dawn

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icicles at dawn

icicle at dawn

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icicle at dawn

Winter is here!

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winter morning, December 17 2006

good deed for the day

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A hummingbird got in the house. Then decided the only way out was to fly at the highest windows in the living room (which are about 20 feet high).

Poor little thing was humming away without any sense to go out either the open front door or the open sliding glass door just underneath.

I get out the ladder, climb on up, and she’s so tired she doesn’t hum away from my hands. I slowly get my hands around her, climb down the ladder, and walk out the door. She doesn’t put up a fight.

I open my hands once outside, she just lays there. She looks at me, I look down at her. The setting sun casts the barest light showing the iridescent green on its back. I know her species. A female black-chinned hummingbird.

I hold out my hand, she stands up. Perches on my index finger for about five seconds, checking out the neighborhood. Then takes off in a blur along the branches of the cedar and out across the street.

Haven’t seen a hummingbird around here for a good month. This one must be on its way from somewhere to somewhere else and got a little lost, or slept in too long when the rest continued on to warmer parts. Hopefully, she didn’t get too worn out and will happily take a little rest, snack on a little spider or bug, then continue on fruitfully to her destination.