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I was a bit distracted today. I woke up at 3:45 this morning, wide awake. At least my body was. My mind wasn’t really focused. Which is a waste of waking up that early. I usually can get some great writing in, but I tried and nothing came out. All day I sort of kept trying, and never could get around to getting any focus. But I think I found a new hobby. Photoshopping old Far Side cartoons. Well, putting together an image that matches what was drawn. Here’s my first attempt:
Washington Crossing the Street


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For about a year I have occasionally approached my state of mind not through words but through pictures. When I don’t want to journal but feel curious about where my mind is I instead pull out my painting tools and have at it. This has generally gone on over at Morning and Evening, my one time personal journal blog. I say one time because it’s been a long time since it was really a journal and even longer since it was a consistent blog. So, in the spirit of simplicity I’m going to be doing some merging around these parts, and move to a single blog. I’m not sure if Present Matters will end up being this blog or if I’ll start something new, but either way, I’m going to start by posting my wee picture here this evening.


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Week One

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Well, my first week of class is over, and I’m now at home in the mountains once more. I will likely be posting a good many of my thoughts about what we talked about in the class in coming weeks.

Now, though, I would rather just point out the things I noticed while spending my time reading on the Fuller Seminary campus in lovely downtown Pasadena California.

Most interesting, so far, and the most appropriate to this website is the fact that Fuller Seminary has a resident raven couple. Mature ravens are quite territorial and mate for life. If you see a crowd of ravens they are most likely juveniles. If you see two, and no others, you are seeing a married pair.

So, these two did wander about a little, but through the week they seemed to always end up back in the trees above campus chatting with each other about the goings-on of the wider world.

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Walk through the Cross by PDO


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Nativity by PDO

Genesis 37:23-24

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Joseph, at the Beginning of his Exaltation by PDO

a flower

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Having your own blog is really like having a refrigerator that the whole world can see. You can take a magnet and put up anything you want, without really any reason. Just because. I suspect you can even give yourself a gold star or a happy face, though I’ve not quite gotten to that point.

I’ve, obviously, been taking advantage of this reality. So, new today for the dualravens.com refrigerator: a flower.

a flower by PDO