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Well, for a long time I have been having problems with my previous host ipowerweb. Nothing too major, just a lot of bumps and errors and hassles. Seems like once a week I was getting in contact with them about something. On their front page they have a noticing saying they were one of the 500 fastest growing companies of 2006. It shows. They couldn’t keep up their service, and their servers had no end of problems. My databases, my email, all sorts of stuff were getting affected.

Anyway, this month I’m now in a new website home:

They transferred my whole site and even have helped me fix a whole lot of problems that were going on in the blog database. I couldn’t have switched on my own because of the errors that occurred at ipowerweb. But, they put in the time, as part of their regular service, and now everything seems perfectly back on track, in a new place where I’ll have a lot, lot more reliability. The only issue I can see is my categories have disappeared, which is a bit of a bother but not too bad of one I suppose, given I was worried about losing 3 years worth of posts there for a little while.

So, if’n you’re looking for a host, wander over to