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For a while I had a blog called Morning and Evening. This was more about my personal inner life, a place where for a little while at least I posted in the morning and in the evening, journaling my thoughts on the spiritual life. That regularity fell off a good time ago. Still, I kept going sporadically, moving to doing more of a pictorial interpretation last year. Pictures, I thought, were an interesting way of looking in when my mind seemed unable to wrap around the right words.

Well, I moved webhosts earlier this year. Part of the reason for that was the servers at my last host were a mess. Constant problems. My databases were affected again and again, so I moved to a new host, siteground. Love it in the new habitat. However, even though I somehow managed to get all the information moved over, something happened with my morning and evening blog. I couldn’t log into it. All the admin stuff was totally lost. I could keep it up but I couldn’t add to it. When it started to get spammed a lot I couldn’t do anything so I took down the blog.

Now, however, I’m getting a bit of a drive to get back to this online journaling. I’m also thinking I need a place to gather assorted writings and thoughts on the spiritual life that make it to various other forums or sites. So, Learning to Dance is born. No commitment other than to be a renewed spot of my thoughts.

And, I’ve saved the posts of Morning and Evening, adding them to this page. Now it’s a lot more complete, updated, and more fitting to my purposes.

What got me thinking about doing this again? It was the fact that the online journaling I did over at Barclay Press was so helpful.

I’m going to also get my old morning and evening posts up, from the first full year I did them, which weren’t in a blog format, but just updated separate pages. Those were the beginning of the dance for me, in a way.

If you want to skip to my earlier writings, that went up to about September 2005. Wow, it has been a while since I mused properly.



  1. Found you via forgotten ways
    have to say i love the artwork you have posted here
    are you the creator or are they ‘found objects’?

  2. Patrick

    June 16, 2007 at 11:11 pm

    Hi Kel, Welcome!

    What a nice comment. Those are my efforts. A while back I realized I just wasn’t finding words anymore, so I started seeing what kind of images were lurking in my mind. I see them as a journal for each day that I did them. Unfortunately, that habit fell off of late but I’m hoping to get back to that as well as the writing. It was always a bit surprising to see what was back in my head.

    I wrote a little bit about my thoughts on that stuff here.

  3. I didn’t ever check out your Morning and Evening blog, but I look forward to reading this one.

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