It’s cold.

I’m not talking late summer chillly evening cold. I’m not saying there’s a bit of a cool breeze blowing through the valley and encouraging one to grab that windbreaker. No it’s cold. Hat cold. Coat cold. Brrrrrrr cold. Put on socks cold. Put on long pants cold. And a long sleaved shirt, and maybe that warm vest.

It’s not shut the window cold. It’s never been that cold. My roommate in college thought it got that cold in the Chicago winters. I made sure to crack the window just a bit. Because, really, it can be add more blankets cold, which it is tonight, but it’s never shut the window cold. I like the cold air. Makes me think and whatnot. I always write better when it’s cold and so forth.

My hands are cold, my toes are cold, my nose is cold. My head isn’t cold because I put a hat on. I might even have a cold, though I don’t think that’s quite it. A four hour nap today and a vague queasiness for the past couple of days suggests I’m not exactly at the top of my form. I ran my usual run on Friday, but still had that queasiness. So today I threw in the towel and barely got out of bed. I’m not too bad to do anything if it’s needing to be done, but I thought if I feel like sleeping that long I might as well give my body a break and let it get to fighting whatever is going on.

Plus, it’s cold and I sleep so much better in the cold air. And it’s windy. So yes, in case you were wondering, it was in fact a perfect mid to late Fall day even though it’s not actually autumn yet for another ten days. As an old timer up here said the other day, “It’s not going to warm up again. The seasons aren’t determined by the date up here… it’s Fall.”

I agree. It’s fall. We had a month of summer there in July and that was it. I expect the weather was just too plain busy in other parts of the country these past few months.

Now I’m off to bed. After reading half the day and sleeping the other half, a person has to make sure to get to bed on time.