The evening has come and yet I don’t feel much like writing. The day was noisy in these parts. One neighbor decided to re-roof his house, another decided to rent a small bulldozer and spend the day carving out parts of his land, continuing until the darkness itself stopped him.

There are reasons why monasteries are not located in urban areas or constantly under construction. Noise distracts. That being the case I kept a cheery attitude throughout the day, finding the distractions inspiration to do other, less contemplative, tasks.

The Spiritual life is all about choices, and it is all about movement. It is a profound stillness found in always moving heavenward, the motion creating the stillness. Or we can submit to the frenzy of this present life, and lose momentum, letting the movement around us enter our being. It’s a choice. Each day we choose to embrace that which is higher and sharper and deeper, or we don’t. God gives grace. But, our hearts are filled in the constant pursuit of the Spirit, so it is not to prove to God but to find ourselves that we keep going.

It is all about honesty, but an honesty about oneself grounded in the pursuit of the something more. We are aware of who we are supposed to be, and who we presently are, not letting the stumbling prevent us from embracing God’s call.

Today I did that. I don’t always. But, by pressing onwards the lucky shots become skillful intent. All this for the prize which calls us heavenward in Christ Jesus. Somedays this prize feels more palpable than other days. Today is one of those days.

Which is nice. Especially considering all the bothering going on around me.