This seems like a good time to again note that this webpage is about my spiritual state. Thus the frustrations and suchlike are meant to express how my soul seems to be winding its way along.

The curious thing is this isn’t always connected to my emotional state. I note this because I think I come off sounding terribly down when if you talked to me at that moment I would be doing just fine, if not better.

There are not too many places where our spiritual state can be the primary face to this world. So I have this page.

I’m really a cheery fellow most of the time. Quite so in fact some might say. This isn’t a fake or illusion for the public. It’s just that when we look inward we see ourselves in a different light, and so I can wander through this world with sincere hope, and yet still have to wrestle with those inner frustrations that all too often stay buried.

So there you go. I hope this helped.