I woke up at five in the morning. It was dark, the birds were quiet, there was very little activity going on. I woke up fairly wide awake. This is generally a very good time to get to work, or to praying, or to some other useful activity.

Instead of these I woke up and still linger with a very strong feeling of frustration and discontent. It’s vague and it’s quite pervasive, without having any specific point yet keeping me knocked off my spiritual feet.

In my time of usual focus I am decidely unfocused and lack an inner cohesion.

Dawn is coming soon and I’d hate to think this is what the day has in store for me. It’s not that I will let go and quit the day. It’s more a frustration at the frustration keeping me from finding fruition, and having me wallow in something unseen and unknown for the next eighteen hours.

Have you ever walked five miles through five foot deep chocolate custard?

It’s kind of like that for me this morning. Which is curious of course, especially if one doesn’t especially like chocolate.