The hot weather fairly does my brain in. For whatever reason my soul also feels done in, with a decided ebb going on in my spiritual life which honestly worries me. I feel done in, exhausted more than frustrated, without a change of belief, and more of an emptiness of being. This has been around for a while, interupting my writing… for sans inspiration to write such a task becomes difficult.

There is only to press onward, and in doing that it seems always a good idea to look back and explore the old roads once again. Maybe I took a step off the path, maybe my time isn’t quite being used as it should, maybe there are things which I am missing or could add. Or maybe it’s just hot, or maybe I’m just in an ebb. I don’t know.

It bothers me because I feel so emaciated. It bothers me because I feel like I won’t come out of this, and while I had a good run there for a while, my spiritual being is plain out of breath.

I stand and I look.