The wee ones were out and about through the day. Not children, well not human children. There was a particularly small squirrel prancing about on and over the trees, on the deck, on the balcony, finding new treasures in potted plants and bird baths, curious about the birds and the chipmunks. All the young ones of Spring are now exploring their world away from the nest, not quite adults, but with the responsibilities of such. Fortunately this is fine neighborhood to grow up in, and so I think they will do well for themselves.

The warmer it gets the less introspective I get, the less I focus and look inward, the more I just get to doing things here and about. It’s not that the creativity is lost, its more that the inner drive is dulled enough so that if something specific doesn’t present itself I don’t feel the pull to pursue.

It has to do with the sun, I suppose, and all the chemical changes which such light provides. It’s a happy thing, and so while I wonder where went my inner gaze, I am fine with spending a little less time so focused.

I seek after prayer, and while my tasks are not the most uplifting of sorts, I seek wisdom even in these, trying to wait on the Spirit and those led by the Spirit, trusting in the fluid work of God who is arranging and preparing, asking me to do that which is before me, always with thanksgiving and prayer.

Other thoughts stir, but I’ve wee bit of a headache tonight and so shall cut off the computer early and wander to words printed.