Now, admittedly I’m not very good at math. It’s not that I wasn’t once good at math, it’s more that I haven’t had a real math class since High School, and that’s a fair bit of time now. My highlight came in Physics class when on the last test only two people got the bonus question right… me and another guy.

It was homework really. I didn’t do any in high school. And since then I haven’t done hardly any math. It’s still in me, I think, and there’s a part of me that would almost be interested in taking an advanced math class just for the sheer mental exercise. I’m certain there’s a bit of my present issue with getting to know computer coding related to my now distant math experiences.

I doubt I will take that math class, however, and so have to live my mathematic and scientific interests vicariously through people who know what they are about in those fields. Or at least, that’s a side benefit to knowing such people.

But even with my vestigial math skills I can do a bit of adding and multiplying. According to my calculations, and I can show the work if needed, the title of this webpage is Morning and Evening. Those equal two things. Now there are approximately thirty days in a month, give or take a day, generally give — which is a wonderful Christian concept as well.

Two times thirty (or so) equals sixty, or thereabouts. Last month, according to the statistics in the upper right corner, my posts in June on this page equaled five. Two plus three equals five. Two times thirty does not equal five.

It seems my computational skills are amazing compared to my present productivity skills.

I’d change the name of the page to “Some Mornings and, occasionally, an Evening” but that would be a lot of work to get all the various links updated, and so it’s a lot simpler to just try and post more, even if there is is less profundity involved (ie, this present post).

I did find a raven feather on my run the other day, which is worth noting as a potential omen, but only if something happy happens.

Other than that it feels as though I’m in some curious state of being, caught in a fog of sorts, with my prayers not quite flowing out as much as they once did. I make note of this, and press onwards.

And I also make note of my new hummingbird feeder. I have little expectation of any of that particular species visiting for a while… but it’s nice to have out there.

The area spiders are already doing a yeoman’s work as nuthatch feeders, so I don’t need more focus in that direction.

So to sum up. I have forgotten the math I once knew. But I still know 2 X 30 = 60, and not five, despite the fact the name of this blog indicates otherwise. I am praying in a fog of sorts, but I don’t know what that is and I have a new hummingbird feeder.

There you go.