It is a warm day… and really warm at that. The birds are making quite a bit of noise, there are flying bugs finding flowers and whatever else grabs their attention.

I wonder about the previous message. Mostly because I consider whether the doubts and frustrations are worth posting. I figure they are, if only because in the honesty I will find answers. To deny that occasional emptiness is to flee from my own core, to dissipate whatever wholeness I do have. In saying, yes, these are my frustrations I provoke myself towards a cure. It is a manner of confession, because I would much rather write words of hope and light and peace and joy.

So, in considering these thoughts I thought it good to pray. So I did, through the night last night, through the previous days, restoring my sense of the Divine through holy reading and holy pondering and pursuit of stillness and fullness.

There might be a voice, or many voices, who are to participate in my present but it is a the Voice that restores my soul towards freedom.

Prayer is the gasoline for the Spiritual Life. No matter our direction or purpose or gifts or contributions it is the foundational power which fills and restores. They speak of gifts to pray… I think this a misconception, for prayer comes first, no matter the gifts. It is just that some have arranged their lives so as to pursue under their own power. In the depths of humility, however, one realizes the fruitlessness of this, and begins to rely on the power that does not waste away.

In prayer is the life and renewal to press onwards. There is nothing else as foundational.

So I prayed, for myself, for others, and in doing so restored the center and balance which fled from my senses.

Prayer without ceasing is the secret to contentment in all circumstances.

The trick is to remember this at each instant and stay within a life that provokes such.

It is also the secret to my inspiration and writing and any other hope that I may have. First comes prayer… and then anything else.