The day was almost perfect. It reached perfection then went a wee bit too far as the day went on. The air was too still, there were flies beginning to find their Spring wings, construction echoed across the hills.

Tonight, though the wind picked up, it became quiet as humans went inside, and the particular majesty of a mountain Spring sunset covered the forest with that marvelous glow that brings out the rich, deep, and infinite shades of greens and browns which burst forth from the rain baptized soil.

I’ve stepped back a bit in recent days, not because I feel hollow or sad, but because it feels right. I feel like I wake up and need to pray, feel like I go through the day and have to stop to pray, and everything else seems like it’s going along just fine even without my persistent fighting for something or anything.

I’m reading theology now again, books I’ve laid aside grab my attention with excitement. I’m even thinking of cracking open one of my foreign language texts and renewing a study of one of the three or four languages I’ve supposedly started well in learning… but didn’t keep up when grades or sermons didn’t insist on regular study.

The Hebrew was open for a little bit when I thought to go to Jerusalem… but when that fell through, my study fell off.

I’m not sure there’s a reason… maybe it’s nothing more than a purposeful discipline… but I think my time would be well spent getting back into some non-English form.

I take this as a good sign.

The heart feels the echo of recent frustrations and downturns, yet feels strong and vibrant in pressing onwards. God is working. I pray with all my being that this is not a mirage but a reality.