It is a beautiful day in the mountains. A temperature which goes unnoticed, not a cloud in the sky, and curiously quiet for a Saturday.

This morning I woke up to the sound of parrots flying over. They are quite a noisy bird especially when they fly around in freedom. It gives a tropical flair to Southern California which even when expected is a nice surprise.

And, I haven’t written for a few days. Because, as the desert Fathers wrote, there is a call for discipline but discipline and order never, ever should get in the way of the higher callings of being a neighbor. There are times in life when we are called to shoulder another’s burden, and in shouldering the burden it becomes our own. These are moments of wonderful bonding in circumstances all too unfortunate. So, that’s where I went… to try an be a representative of Christ to folks who really need to see Christ in their lives. This is the role and calling of the Spirit in all of us, however we as individuals play it out. There are times, to be sure, I have needed to see the incarnation of the Spirit through another believer, and there are times in which what I have learned in the shadow of the valley of death becomes curiously useful.

Best that none of those things happen. But, they do, and when they do there is only to follow the peace of the Spirit in it all and pray, and keep praying the Spirit works above and beyond what we can do.