The fog was here when I woke up and it remains. The movement of the sky seems to have ceased for a while, settling on thick overcast. The birds are active today as are the squirrels, making for a lively scene outside despite the languidness of the weather. Two ravens fly by overhead, on their way from there to over there, flying in good wingman formation as ravens are apt to do. I watched one the other day harassing a hawk over the house, cawing loudly as it swooped in and out. This raven was by itself and seemed anxious to drive the hawk away. I imagine there was a story there, one which I’ll never know.

I noticed that the weather over these last many months seems to reflect the activity of my soul. It is an odd thing when the weather outside illustrates the storms inside, and curiously comforting. Today, however, the weather does not seem reflective. I’m rather happy… dare I say giddy… without knowing the slightest reason why. Life is good, a statement made purely with words of faith. But, this doesn’t make it less true, just more difficult to explain to any who measure the world through prosaic eyes.

I sit here and I smile while I type, knowing of nothing new beyond the reality that God is at work in me and all those he has called to be his own. And his work is indeed good.