The fog rolled in this morning and has stayed a while. It is said there might be snow today. The birds and beasts seem to feel it. There is a surprising lack of activity outside, only a squirrel looking down at me from the edge of the roof deciding if the leap to the balcony was worth it. Apparently, the small pile of seed was not convincing.

I’m having a wee bit of trouble finding focus, and realizing in this all ever more deeply how absolutely I am dependent on God for inspiration and continued direction.

Having a lot of self-confidence is generally a good thing… except when there are spiritual lessons to be learned. The stronger the confidence the more it needs to be broken down and refocused rightly heavenward. So, I’m learning constantly.

But for now the sun seems to be shining through the fog, the sky brightened for a moment in slow burst of light… for a moment, it slowly darkens again, and the rain is beginning to come down.