I sit and listen to the sound of water dripping from the branches, condensation formed by cold, wet air. No rain, no snow, only stillness and the sound of water hitting wet soil. Not even a whisper of a breeze blows.

I took the dog for a walk this morning as I do everyday. We wander about in good cheer, sans leash. He minds with a whistle or word as well as any trained dog. We walked around until the path led again to the street. I was surprised to hear a delightful song coming from the cedar across from us. I’ve been here long enough to know that it was a steller’s jay, as they are mimics of surprising talent. It sounded almost exactly like the array of whistles and beeps of R2D2, mixed with the occasional phrase of a song bird’s tune.

It was quite a concert this bird put on, and didn’t seem to mind us watching, even nearby. It was a large, plump jay who seemed quite content with the chilly air and the coming spring. I stood and watched for several minutes, then looked down, where I was surprised to see my dog watching the bird as well, with the same expression of interest as I had been showing. He looked up at me, then we both turned and watched the bird some more.

Me and the animals… a person could certainly find worse company.

I didn’t get around to preaching to the jay, though I suspect it would have listened more than some church leaders I’ve known in the past. No, I let it preach to me, and let it preach good cheer on a late winter day.