The sky was bright blue when I first sat down to write this earlier. I was called to other tasks before I could start, and while outside I watched the blue disappear. The sky became overcast again, and soon after the overcast skies lowered down to the ground, with a cloud not thirty feet above the ground sitting there still. Not unlike the squirrel on the rail of my balcony… except for the eating seed bit. The squirrel that is. He seems content.

I got inspired to write anew yesterday, but it seems the inspiration is going towards other unfinished tasks which had built up during my time of mental clog. I also realize there are curious beacons of contact in my life right now… where I am inspired because of certain people or events, even before I know they will call or something happens.

I think that is a marker of something. Only I’m not sure of what, except that such things, and people, are good to have around. Fleeing from the shadows in one’s life means embracing that which shines light… even if from curious directions and distances.

Because the wanderings of the spiritual life are not a straight road. It is a twisting and turning path to ascend the mountain. The highway to hell is the straight, eight lane thoroughfare. It is easy to get lost on the mountain trail, especially when the fog rolls in. So, God puts signs up, and people around who may be just as lost, but they are lost in different ways, so together all can move forward.

The trick is to find the folks who are ascending and stick with them, and help them, and listen to them. Plus, such people or signs generally fill the heart with delight and joy from heaven itself. And that is a lovely feeling indeed.