There’s no doubt. The weather is a wee bit confused. The fog rolls in, the fog rolls out. Plan for a nice bit of time in the sun, and it’s nowhere to be seen. Sit inside and the sun comes out again. All day long the weather changed, often in an instant. I was reminded of Elijah. “What do you see?” “A small cloud in the distance.” “It is a great storm!”

Well, it wasn’t a storm, just the intimations of such, and now late in the evening it has decided for fog once more over the stars. Like I’ve said, I’m one for dramatic weather, so this is nice. I welcome it in fact, much more than the heat of the summer.

I was distracted most of this day, not finding anything to keep my focus, except for a small bit of reading which just happened to discuss the spiritual realities of not finding one’s focus for overlong and the dangers of wasting time during those times.

The bother of reading that comes from the fact I found it in Makarios of Egypt, one of the true greats of the Christian life… possibly one of the biggest influences in John Wesley’s thought. So, I can’t just go and dismiss it as being frivolous Christianese. It spoke of idleness while I was idle, though the kind of idleness of a waiting car more than the kind of idleness of a dissolute reprobate.

I was a little unfocused, full of too much energy, happy but bothered at the same time. And the day slipped away from my grasp.

But, the wonderful thing, one of the best realities of the Spiritul journey is that there is always tomorrow, and tomorrow will always be that much closer to the goal.