A late morning to be sure, making up for two nights I suppose. A chilly morning to be sure, ice and snow lay thin and solid upon the ground. Methinks a walk outside would be a slippery experience. Juncos came in a crowd and left, a chipmunk ran over and through a woodpile, a raven cawed and another answered. The breeze is fair and steady, the trees are bright and cheered. More rain is expected this week I hear. 

I’m still waking up myself, likely to take this day away from most depth and concern, eager to begin to focus again but realizing today would not be a good time to try and find a renewed rhythm.

I feel a bit emotionally drained after deep conversations and spiritual wrangling of the last week. And i fell a bit groggy from a long sleep. I likely could use some water and coffee would do my mind well.

The day begins… but it may not really get started for a long while.

Evening — There is a thin fog covering the snow blanketed hills. Ice formed as soon as the sun went down. Few animals were out today. And I did just about nothing.

A good sabbath rest I say. This doesn’t quite make me feel like I could have used my time a little bit wiser. That being the case I didn’t really delve deep, nor do I have further reflections on just about anything. A dull day makes for a dull mind. Not bad… just dulled.

Tomorrow will likely be filled with other tasks. Car mechanics will be seen, if that explains anything. 

So the first week of the year begins. Make it get only better from here.