Well, I came home late tonight and found the driveway quite iced up. Quite. And the surrounding snow. The truck wouldn’t make it up, and I felt like I was ascending everest myself. A rather solid piece of ice except for the occasional patch of bare asphalt, but being late these are hard to see. I tried to go over the bank to the stairs once I was high enough. I got a good step up, then my feet slipped and I was on my belly grabbing frozen footprints with my hands to pull me the rest of the four feet. Silliness.

Sort of like this weekend, filled with troubles and insights, conclusions and bother. After dealing with these the last two days I don’t think I’ll get into them now.

On the way home I saw a bright comet fall from the sky through a wispy white cloud and quite low to the earth burning bright until burned away. 

While walking up a Pasadena street today the B2 bomber banked above me and past me, showing me its distinctive shape for a good while. I was quite proud… I both saw an heard it. Stealthy indeed. 

All is indeed well, the silliness and bother was confronted and if not completely settled at least there is light arising from the eastern horizon.

I do feel a bit inward drawn to be sure, retreating back into the cell after a time away in which I felt I shouldn’t have gone, did, learned why I shouldn’t have gone, but figure it all worked out for the best. A new year’s practical theology lesson nicely packaged.

I also walked more today than I have in a goodly while. Running is not the same as walking. Different muscles, and personally I haven’t gotten around to seven hour runs. 

It was interesting, stimulating, and cleansing oddly enough so I might find a regular swath of time for such.

The lesson, by the by? I really need to focus on that which God has called me to do. He’s beginning to apply pressure once more. This is a lovely and a terrible thing. May God give me wisdom and grace to ride these present rapids.