The land and trees are covered with a thin layer of snow. Thin and thorough, a dusting which seems thick on the trees though is not very deep on the ground. The temperature only barely dropped below freezing, making all the world appear as though dusted with powdered sugar by a very, very large gourmet.

The juncos are back for the year, coming to visit in their little groups of ten or twelve, making the trees or the hillside a constant flurry of activity. Mixed with the chipmunk poking around and running back to the protection of the woodpile, and the more raucous arrival of the steller’s jay.

Clouds are touching the ground, rolling along the streets, throught the trees and over the hills, filling the whole view with white. Thought the birds and wee beasts are busy there is no other sound. Oddly the driveway has no snow collected on it while the main street looks to have a good inch or more of unplowed snow.

So the green is now white, covered completely, with the chill in the air and the clouds making for a still day, beautiful to be sure, but still and hidden and cold.

There are days in which one realizes looking out is much the same as looking in. Today is one of those days for me, leaving me unable to explain more. I look outside at the frosted world and it occurs to me this is how my soul feels; covered, frosty, still. The worlds resonates with me, and on an overcast day blanketed with white I wish for more resonance with sunlight and green trees.

So, I’ll look at the chipmunk digging in the snow, and the six juncos in the branches of five foot tall saplings; I’ll value the beauty of the world around as my soul strives for its own thaw today.

I figure there are certain moments in which constant labor feels a need for some measure of compensation. Not having any, of any sort, becomes a weight on the journey. Today that weight is heavy and there is only to re-tune the soul, adjusting the baggage so as to find relief. That there is much beauty about is certainly a balm to be embraced. Whether this is enough only the day will tell.