Scattered writing, scattered thoughts, scattered reality, and scattered clouds. The week of blue skies ended this morning as now a thin white sheet, torn in places, passes by overhead. A jay visits, only there is no seed yet out so it looks around for a bit then flies away.

It isn’t like I have not been thinking. Indeed a lot is swirling around, a lot.

But not all I think is meant for here, nor do I wish to wallow in thoughts which don’t push me forward, and which I fight to overcome. So, I pause, letting my mind ponder in different places, for my own benefit.

There are lulls, and peaks, and valleys, and progress. All in their time, with the hope being that the latter is reigning. All are important, however, because it is not in those times we are flying that we really can see ourselves. All are vital because they reveal who we are in different lights, which then all comes together as we seek to overcome and advance.

It is only a loss if we let it be so.

I do again realize my call, and my heart’s passions, and my yearning which has kept me away from the typical walk in this world. It is always wonderful to see this from the experience of fruit and joy. But it is also valuable, maybe more so in the long run, to see from eyes of emptiness, for then we step on the other side of the fence and realize there is no greener grass to be found.

There’s a secret of contentment in there someone, so in both good and bad emotions I narrow my purview and settle into who the Spirit is making me.