The day is bright and clear, squirrels and chipmunks run around on the ground, jays and chickadees fill the trees.

And I? I made a good point of stopping yesterday, and still woke up at three in the morning with an urge to edit even more, and even more than that prayer for certain people who came to mind.

I figure it is best to do both, even if there is mystery with both. Mystery about details and purposes, mystery about why I wake up at three am so inspired, rather than waiting for dawn.

Too much mystery. Sometimes the soul cries out for palpable results and clear direction and uncomplicated realities. My soul so cries today. I am tired of mystery, and want to put my hands on something, to be able to point to something, to recognize there is more than simple faith in dealing with God. I want to understand why I am called to certain tasks. I want to see the work of my hands and the words of my prayers take shape in this present. I weary of watching, weary of waiting, weary of being left with prayer alone as my comfort, with hope alone as my guide. I finished a good milestone with the writing, but like all things it remains in the mists of unknowing, where I do that which is beyond my ken, with the desire to walk with the Spirit in a dark world.

I run the race, and today I’m tired of the running. I need a Sabbath. It is the law you know, so I’m taking the day off to reset my mind and soul.

Prayers are appreciated.

I yearn so much for the work and activity of God in my life, strive so much to do what is right and good, that sometimes I get worn out with the spiritual wrestling. There seems to be both a lot afoot, much swirling about, but nothing that requires my particular attention today. I do, and I wait, and today I rest and let the sun shine in my heart and on my skin.