It is always a curious thing to wake up and realize one will soon be in a completely different world. Even odder to realize the different world is not that far away. Look up… that’s the world. Well, close to it anyhow, as that’s San Miguel Island, not Anacapa.

But, it’s my birthday in a few days, and in thinking about my life, in thinking about who I am, in thinking about how I would like to acknowledge thirty years I realized I wanted to do it in a way which truly reflected my soul. Some go to Vegas, some out to a nice meal, others host a large party… I want to go to a secluded isle, and enjoy the fullness of the bounty of God’s creation, surrounded by souls I trust, letting my spirit be eased in the peace.

That’s who I am. God has me at other tasks right now, and so I wander around modern technology, staring at glare. But, in my depths I am the person who sits on the edge of a cliff and watches the sun set over the blue of the ocean while gulls and pelicans fly by.

There are places in this world where God meets us, and there are places in this world a discerning soul goes to meet God. The Channel Islands are the latter, and so, for my thirtieth birthday I go to meet God. For that is the goal in all my life, and I celebrate the fact with delight.