There are days meant for rigorous activity and days meant for quite repose, days meant for curious adventure, and days meant for romantic dreams. Today, is a day meant for staring off into the distance, letting the mind rest on nothing in particular, only the wind, and the birds, and the trees. Plus, the occasional chipmunk which isn’t bothered, and runs under ones legs to the birdbath for a long drink, not two feet away.

A glass of good irish whiskey and an expansive deck surround by cedars helps a great deal with the sitting and staring.

Funny thing, it’s the only thing in my soul to do all day. That and pray all day. I wonder whether whiskey and prayer are supposed to go together. But, as I pray all day, I figure it’s the better part to pray no matter what accompanies the activity.

My soul pines for eternal light, and finds ease only in the full pursuit, which today entails sitting and waiting and listening.

So I do, and shall continue. What for? I know nothing of that answer.